Bartlett & Peary in old photographs

Today I’m pleased to present some compelling photographs  of  Captain Bob Bartlett  owned by Glen Chaytor who collects Bartlett memorabilia.

Bartlett & Peary Chaytor larger

The first shows Bartlett with Admiral Peary and his family after landing at Plymouth, England. They had traveled on the German liner, Kronprinzessin Cecilie. (Crown Princess Cecilie married the Kaiser’s son and was Germany’s last crown princess.) By the time of their trip to England, Peary had claimed the north pole and Bartlett, who broke trail most of the way there, was celebrated for traveling “the farthest north” before Peary. With the two men was Peary’s son, Robert Jr., his daughter, Marie, known as “the snow baby” as she had been born in Greenland, and his wife, Josephine Diebitsch-Peary, author of My Arctic Journey. After having their pictures snapped at Plymouth, Bartlett and Peary embarked on a lecture tour, solidifying their positions as great Arctic explorers.

The second photograph depicts Bartlett and Peary again, this time looking even more dapper. It was probably taken on the same tour and was sold as a post card.

More photographs of Bartlett can be found on my facebook page Captain Bob Bartlett. Meanwhile I am grateful to Glen Chaytor for his generosity in making these photographs available so that many people can share his enjoyment.

Next week I’m off to Indianapolis, IN to give a talk on Bartlett and his public image at the Popular Culture Association Conference. So I’ll post again in two weeks.

Bartlett & Peary from Chaytor

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