Welcome to my blog on Arctic explorer Captain Bob Bartlett and all things Arctic. Here you’ll find regular updates on Bartlett, Arctic exploration, Arctic and Inuit history, and even some tidbits about the Antarctic. (You can subscribe by clicking on the bars in the upper right hand corner.)

What propelled Bartlett to spend 50 summers in the Arctic? What were the forces that shaped Bartlett’s early life and his personality? What did he have in common with other explorers – Peary, Stefansson, MacMillan, Shackleton? Did he get along with them? What were his relationships like with the Inuit? Who was Claude Kataktovik? What about the women of the Arctic? Is Arctic exploration still with us? What are its legacies?

Bartlett could tell a good story and I hope to do just that here on this blog. I am also the author of the forthcoming book Unchained Man: The Arctic Life and Times of Captain Robert Abram Bartlett

Again, welcome. I hope you enjoy the blog and the book,


Maura Hanrahan Ph.D. is the author, co-author or editor of 11 books, including Tsunami, a Canadian best-seller and winner of the NL History and Heritage Award. Her writing has won awards in Canada, the US, and Britain. For her body of work, she received the Lawrence Jackson Award and the Coast Guard-NL Region Polaris Award. Maura is a research chair and associate professor at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada.